Hello and thank you for visiting my OCA Level 1 Photography Degree website, Expressing Your Vision Module.

I welcome your comments on my work so I can improve, and I any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I am learning so much, enjoying it, and I hope that my journey gives you some ideas and learning points too.

I am also keen to talk to and meet up with like minded students and hopefully make some new friends through this journey. . Here is a little bit about me..

I am a forty six year old mum of three children and I live with my partner in Gloucester. After completing a beginner and an intermediate photography evening course I decided to take my photography to another level, something more in depth and challenging. After careful consideration and making sure I would have enough time to devote to study I have chosen to complete this Photography degree and hopefully enjoy it as much as the short courses. One day I may even make a career out of it, I will just see where it takes me and be guided by what I enjoy most.

I enjoy landscape, street and portrait photography and enjoy visiting photography exhibitions when I can. I recently saw the Wildlife photographer of the year exhibition and have also been to the V&A museum in London and seen several great photographers’ work such as Nan Goldin and Irving Penn. I was also recently inspired by an art exhibition by Jeff Koons at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, his gazing ball sculptures gave me ideas about how I can use reflections and glass spheres in my own work.

My partner and I in Norway, we travel here often and get outdoors as much as we can to appreciate the stunning landscapes, this was a 1400ft climb to the top of one of many mountains, the sea in the background. I have taken hundreds of photographs in Norway and hope to improve my skills as I progress through this course

The camera I am using for my course is the Nikon D3400 and I have the standard 35 – 85mm lens, a 50mm prime lens and a 70 – 300mm lens that has a macro function. I have spent the last six months getting to know the features of this camera and what it is capable of and I have found that about 25% of a photograph’s quality is the technical capability of the camera and the rest of the quality is the result of the visual and creative skills of the photographer and the hard work that goes into planning the shot, this over time comes naturally with practice and I hope to improve this in time.

Travelling is a particular passion of mine, be it amazing far away places or interesting places on my doorstep, they are both equally fascinating to me. Urban regeneration in the UK has also interested me over the years, having seen the wonderful restoration of the historic Victorian docks area in Gloucester. I have a travel blog where I post photos (taken while practicing my new found skills from my recent short courses)  and details of my travels. My philosophy is to appreciate what is on my own doorstep as much as far away places. England has such a rich and diverse culture and history which is often taken for granted if it’s what we live with day to day.

Pendine Sands – Wales, I try to keep fit as much as possible

Below is a link to my travel blog, this was one of the reasons I decided to take my passion for photography further and join this course:


Ilkley Moor In Yorkshire with my three children