Developing The Skill In Photo Selection By Jacob Maentz / January 4, 2012 The blog in the link above by Jacob Meantz is very helpful because there are some very good examples of what image he chooses out of a collection and why, his thought process is very helpful and something I will reference when preparing my next assignment Some interesting things … Continue reading Developing The Skill In Photo Selection

Producing A Powerful Photography Series I found a very useful blog on the internet that will really help me prepare for my second assignment based on feedback from my tutor on my first assignment. I have a lot to learn about creating a series of images and Sarah Wilkinson has written an excellent piece that I … Continue reading Producing A Powerful Photography Series


I watched this documentary on the life and career of the artistic genius that was Lee Alexander Mqueen. I was inspired by how how his clothes collections were created, he produced fashion shows and clothes that reflected who he was, how he was thinking, his experiences through his life. Mcqueen's degree show, Jack The Ripper … Continue reading McQueen