Unit 4: Learning Summary

This unit was a time when I learned about socially engaged photographic practice from attending the Photography Symposium at Birmingham City University, the work of Anthony Luvera about the plight of the homeless was inspiring.

For this assignment, I was particularly inspired by the work of Sally Mann, someone I had never heard of before completing this unit. She used light very effectively in her work, particularly in “Immediate Family” and “Southern Landscapes”, I also read her book called “Hold Still” which gave a fascinating insight into the life and work of a successful photographer.

This was my strongest piece of work so far because the narrative and the images finally connected, I used my love of the early morning and nature in my choice of subject and the narrative for this assignment and showed the magic of what can only be seen at that time of the day, also my favourite time of the day in the UK. I felt at this stage I was starting to develop my own way of producing work from ideas to final image selection and submission of work, this has taken a while to do as there is no right or wrong method, each person does it slightly differently so I had to figure out what was best for me. I was also advised through Tutor feedback to have the confidence to include my own opinion about the work of other photographers or what they have to say on a particular subject.

Weld Photography project by Anand ChhabraI was also particularly inspired by a heritage project in the Midlands around the settlement of Punjabi people in the Black Country area and the gifting of 2000 images to the archive. Anand presented about his work at the Photography Sumposium at Birmingham City University in October 2019. I grew up in a country that no longer exists and a way of life that is not there anymore called Rhodesia. When I return now to Zimbabwe it is completely different, so preserving memories in images and stories of the social history of the 1970’s to 1990 is very important to me. At this point in time and based on what I have experienced to date with my studies, I would very much like to make this something I specialise in and possibly choose as my final body of work in Year 3. This is far off I appreciate but through these experiences I am learning more about myself and my interests in photography style and type of work.

I realised during this unit that shadows can further add to the story within an image or could ruin an image, working with light is one of the most important elements in photography and can drastically change the same image, depending on the type of light used.

I also learned from my previous assignment that it pays to visit a location several times to be able to capture the right images, I managed this for this assignment and I also visited a different location but there was a visual theme of early morning light through my work so it worked well and connected based on this theme.

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