A5 photography Is Simple – Research

Initial Response To The Assignment

This assignment, although a very general heading and if I was faced with it at the start of this module I would have been at a loss, through extensive thought, reflection, research, making mistakes and reworking, figuring out an effective process to produce work has all helped to get me to quickly decide what I will photograph for this assignment, and most importantly, why. The “why” is about getting to know and understand my passions and interests in life and expressing these through my work.


Through trial and error and learning over the last four assignments I now have a process that works for me so I can complete all the necessary work to meet the submission deadline. The outline process is in my learning log here

Research / Inspiration

I looked over the module again and reflected on the photographers that stood out for me and there was one that my tutor recommended I researched further in the first Assignment, he was Mahtab Hussein’s and his book of work called “Going Back To Where I Came From”. This work has different techniques within it such as wide angle landscapes, buildings that show great composition and also close up detailed shots of corn or flowers or a wooden ladder leaning against a building, also portraits, so it encompasses all elements I would like to use in this assignment to show each image completely different, telling a new story but all tied together.

and then in A2 Gianluca Cosci – used a very shallow depth of field and an unusual composition to make small mundane objects in an urban landscape look interesting.

I was also inspired by Sally Mann and her use of light and this has influenced my approach to this assignment. Cartier Bresson, deciding when is the best moment to include certain subjects within the image

Sally Mann the use of light creates a mood brilliantly in her work “Immediate Family”
Sally Mann – Immediate Family – the use of light is amazing
Cartier Bresson – The Decisive Moment – composition and timing are inspirational, this is when I realised that often you don’t need expensive camera equipment, technique and timing are more important – “what matters is to look” not what you are taking the shot with

I researched SNIK Art’s website and who they were, since they were the ones who drew this particular piece of street art and their website says “SNIK’s bold aesthetic is characterised by frozen scenes of dynamic action. Their work focuses on the ordinary, such as tangled strands of hair or the folds and textures of fabrics. These subtle aspects are elevated to hint to a deeper meaning. A meaning that remains elusive, for the viewer to draw their own meaning from”.

Add images of snikarts work here


I like to use a mind map and have done this from the start of the module. I have learned that by revisiting the mind map at different times there are new ideas and thoughts to add. I like it to be on an A4 paper that is easily carried with me so if I have time or I have an idea I can add to it. The use of colour also helps me to get in the zone as i doodle.

Keeping it simple is a huge learning point for me. Choose one creative element and focus on this makes it easier on a number of different aspects of the work, technically, the narrati

My ideas need to come from a strong sense of what I like, my passions, my interests, essentially being true to myself will produce my best work. I have noted in my sketchbook what these are and also reflected several times on why I like one artist or image over another and have kept a log of images I am drawn to in my learning log

My mind map – a method I use when brainstorming ideas for my work on assignments. I usually start with two or three ideas and then one seems to call to me as I keep gravitating back to it with more ideas clustered around one than another.
From extensive reflection and noting this in my sketchbook, I have a clearer understanding of what I love and my passions, the main overarching one is travel and discovering new places, which this area is one of them as I have recently started a new job, on my walk to work I notice and appreciate different things relating to what I love, these are in the above summary, an image taken from my sketchbook., it just so happens that the small area from my bus stop to my office contains so many of these, so it’s a great choice for me to be able to capture this in the best way possible, using the various skills I have learnt during the module. I have decided to a ten different images, 2 relating to each of the 5 aspects above.

Street Art, Architecture, Nature, Social Aspects, The Old And The New (Urban Regeneration and how old structures sit alongside new or repurposed buildings)

I have decided to create two images for each of the five areas of interest as a series of work: below is some work from my first shoot, I need to go back and revisit some shots and work on others.

Street Art : Created by Snik Art’s, (mentioned above) There is a fascinating image in a dull unattractive car park, the use of foliage to create “hair” for the head portrait adds depth and interest, especially when the leaves change from green in the summer to golden in the autumn and then a sparse covering in the winter. I found out who the artist was by posting this image on my Instagram page and he commented on my post, I now follow his organisation and the amazing art they produce.

This one may be better with the ugly car park and pub in the background to give it context. Showing where it is situated would make it more interesting, how it beautifies it’s surroundings may make the image more meaningful.

The Old And The New (Urban Regeneration) There is a good and a bad example of the Old and The New that I think about every time I pass both these buildings, the first one is a bad example in my opinion, a once lovely building with a glass roof is now repurposed for industrial use, probably better placed further out of town. The second example is a great example of how the old and the new can combine in an aesthetically pleasing way, the old fire station has an engine room and a vehicle garage for the fire engines, these two buildings are now joined by a lovely glass structure and all three buildings are now a bar and restaurant which is always busy.

Architecture The church spire stands proudly above all other structures and it is particularly beautiful at night, I love the smaller bells nearby

The tall church spire and the bells are clearly visible as I walk through a car park to my office. The early morning sun captures the detail and beauty or each part of the intricate design. It is interesting to capture others in the area also using the space for different purposes.

My work building is a 1930’s style, I also enjoy the coloured terraced houses tucked away in a quiet back street which I discovered while searching for a short cut. The wrought iron around doors and windows makes for attractive homes that have developed a uniqueness over time.

This pretty colourful line of terraced houses is tucked away and is typical of lovely well kept houses very close to the city centre, a close sense of community is evident here, someone must have decided to co ordinate the painting of this row?


This assignment is a mix of local research of the area I have chosen to concentrate on and the majority of the research already carried out during the module for the four previous assignments and some research exercises. I have chosen the artists that stand out to me the most and I have tried to emulate their approach, style and techniques in this assignment.

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