A4 The Languages Of Light: Feedback and Reflection

Each session with my tutor about feedback on my assignments has enabled me to take a step forward with my work and this time it feels like all the elements have finally come together. The feedback was that this was my strongest submission so far.

Feedback was that she could see the stages of the process through my work, my research connected well with my work, there was a strong connection and personal story of why I related to Sally Mann, this personal element has come through in my work this time.

Image 9695 has great composition, 9667 is very strong and so is 9198 – usually there is only one strong image mentioned in feedback from previous assignments and this time there are three which means the overall standard is higher for this assignment.

9695 – the composition in this is strong and the light has really added depth in the berries and the dew drop and the mist, it tells a good story about light and how magical it can be
9667 – This was one of the three strongest images where the composition is strong and technically it’s strong because the contrast between light and dark is difficult to capture where there is sufficient detail in the shadows
9198 One of the strongest images from the series, feedback was that this was like it was from a sci fi set of images. The composition is strong as well as technically, shooting into the light is difficult but I have managed to do this with enough detail in the low lit areas too.

The two weakest images are the first and last ones which don’t tell the story of light as strongly as the rest of the series of images

One of two of the weakest images of the series, the use of light is not as strong here
One of the two weakest images, not as much depth and the light doesn’t tell as much of a story as the others do

Feedback was also that it was evident that there was a lot of thought around the selection of each image and this was evident in the work submitted, I annotated my contact sheets which also really help with this

The narrative is great and there is a lot of depth to each image – the story is being told by the light which is good

Quality Of Outcome – good realisation of ideas and good that I had thought about where these images would end up – my tutor agreed that a photobook would be a good place. I have done extensive research and my connection to Sally Mann is strong – I selected each image really carefully

Demonstration of – personal voice is coming through nicely now, image and observation is very good. Creative thinking and research have worked together well. Pallete and style reflect my interests

Context – Extensive research done and I have connected my own narrative with the artist Sally Mann

I asked about whether a photo book is a good format for these images and my tutor agreed it was, I will have to think more about orientation and layout, would probably need more images than I currently have and add some text between each one.

Further reading – “shot At Dawn” WW2 soldiers photos taken early morning with the mist (Matthews?)

Reflection On Feedback

Each of the three assignments before this one have had major learning points such as personal voice, connecting with the research, the narrative, too much creativity and to keep things simpler, each time I have had feedback I have researched further on different aspects and learnt from it, I am pleased with the effort I have made taking the time to learn from each assignment because it has helped me produce better work based on all four of the assessment criteria. I worked hard on editing and sequencing after the last assignment and that has really paid off this time too. It is a great feeling to have worked so hard and see things starting to come together, I’m really looking forward to the next assignment and hopefully if I go through the same process I went through with this one it should work out well.

2 thoughts on “A4 The Languages Of Light: Feedback and Reflection

  1. Of all, I like 2 & 5 for being interesting and taking the eye into the image.
    No 1 very distracting as my eye can’t settle on anything.
    No 3 needs the very bright area controlled, otherwise I like it & no 4 needs the bottom 1/3 cropped.
    I bet you didn’t need any of the above, liked all and just thought I’d say a little more from seeing them on the screen: just hitting ‘like’ isn’t enough when your post has been so detailed.
    The prints are probably all marked up and redone šŸ™‚ you do print them I hope.


    1. Hi David. Thank you so much for your comments and feedback is really is very helpful. Iā€™m so grateful for the time you spent to take a look through my work.

      Liked by 1 person

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