Assignment 4: Languages Of Light: Research

Revisit one of the exercises on daylight, artificial light or controlled light from Part Four (Ex 4.1, Ex 4.2 or Ex 4.3) and develop it into a formal assignment submission. The submission requirement for this assignment is a set of between six and ten high-quality photographic prints. There are many ways to edit and the most valuable one is probably to show your work to friends, family and your OCA peers for feedback – you are guaranteed to discover something new in your work. Another tip is to pin the work up on the wall and live with a for a few days. ‘A Quick Guide to Editing Your Photo Series using Stickies’ on the IPO (Invisible Photographer Asia) website, but bear in mind that this is not a narrative assignment – you’re not required to produce a story. Assessment of photography in any context is an assessment of images and accompanying words so please Include a written analysis of your work outlining: • how you have developed the assignment from the original exercise in Part 4 • which practitioners you’ve looked at for inspiration and how their work has influenced you • your technical approach and any particular techniques you incorporated • the strengths and weaknesses of particular photographs and your project as a whole (selfassessment) Conclude your notes with a personal reflection on how you’ve developed the exercise in order to meet the descriptors of the Creativity criteria. Write 500–1,000 words.

Initial Response to the Assignment

I looked into the suggested article in the brief above on narrative within a body of work: ‘A Quick Guide to Editing Your Photo Series using Stickies’ on the IPO (Invisible Photographer Asia) website and found it really useful, I have added the notes to a separate post about editing and creating a series

A Quick Guide To Editing Your Photo Series Using Stickies by The Invisible Photographer Asia)

This article was very helpful to me and will certainly help when revisiting my assignments for formal assessment. I feel perhaps this guidance at the start of the course may have been more helpful to structure my work since this is the part that has been the biggest challenge to me. The link to my research on this is here:

I have chosen to revisit Exercise 4.1 and the use of daylight. I researched the work of Sally Mann extensively since her work inspired me the most. Her work called “Immediate Family” shows how the use of natural daylight can alter an image dramatically, the type of daylight will also affect the outcome and mood of the image. Sally Mann’s work called “Southern Landscapes” has also formed the basis of my work for this assignment, I love how she has made her landscape images appear haunting and eerie through the use of light and black and white. I love the outdoors and nature, so the area in Oxford called Christchurch Meadow where beautiful mature trees, the River Thames and the meadow meet it makes for a beautiful place. It is magical first thing in the morning with the mist and the low angle of warm light from the sun.

Sally Mann’s Southern Landscapes are the inspiration for my assignment

Eugene Agtet used early morning light combined with fog and mist to create urban landcapes of Paris that are still an inspiration for contemporary street photography today. The mist created by light at dawn gives a mystical feel to photographs which I am inspired by, so my early morning start to photograph Oxford produced really pleasing results for me.

My research on Eugene Agtet is here

My research on Sally Mann is here

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